Air Compressor Ventilators

Air Compressor Ventilators

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL560001A007

Categories: Medical Ventilator


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Air Compressor Ventilators Air compressor Ventilators are Ideal air source for various kinds of medical ventilators Air compressor Ventilators are Audible and visual alarm for safety Air compressor Ventilators are Lower price with fine quality Features: A compact medical grade air compressor intended for the delivery of clean and dry compressed air Adopting highly efficient oil-free compressor core and multi-level filtration and dehydration design Our compressors are compatible with all the Ventilators ( with external Air Source) and are very inexpensive. Our compressors have been running successfully with all the leading brands of Ventilators like Macquet, Drager, Covedian, Viasys, Siemens, Bird, Purittan Bennett, Takaoka, SLE etc