Respironics Lifecare Ventilator

Respironics Lifecare Ventilator

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL560001A005

Categories: Medical Ventilator


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Respironics Lifecare Ventilator Mode Selection: Control, Control + Sigh, Assist/Control, Assist/Control + Sigh, SIMV Tidal Volume: 0.05 to 0.20 � 0.02 liters; 0.20 to 3.00 liters � 10% Sign Volume: 150% of Set Tidal Volume Sign Frequency: 1 Sign Breath every 100 Tidal Breath Rate: 2 to 35 BPM � 0.5; 36 to 40 BPM � 2 Inspiratory Flow Rate (Peak flow rate during inspiratory time): 10 to 120 LPM Battery Test Switch: Test Internal/External Battery Main Power Switch: On/Off, Recharge DC Circuit Breaker: Push/Pull Actuation AC Circuit Breaker: Push/Pull Actuation Airway Pressure Limit: 5 to 100 cm H2O � 5 Sensitivity: +18 cm H2O � 1 to at least -6 cm H2O Low Pressure Alarm: 2 to 40 cm H2O � 2; 41 to 50 cm H2O � 5 Manual Sigh: Push to Activate One Breath Oxygen Percent (See Operators Manual for Oxygen Delivery Limitations): 21% to 90% � 6% Oxygen Sensor - SIMV Operation (See Operators Manual for Oxygen Delivery Limitations): 21% to 90% � 10% 30 Second Alarm Silence: Push to Activate Front Panel Visual Indicators: Manual Sigh: Yellow Indicator Light Tidal Volume: Digital Display Rate: Patient Breaths Per Minute - Digital Display I:E Ratio: Digital Display Inspiratory Flow Rate: Digital Display Increase Inspiratory Flow: Red Indicator Light 120 VAC Power Source: Green Indicator Light Internal DC Power Source: Amber Indicator Light External DC Power Source: Yellow Indicator Light Patient Airway Pressure: -10 to 100 cm H2O � 5 (Pressure waveform is sinusoidal) Assisted/Spontaneous: Green Indicator Light 15-Second Delay (Low Pressure Alarm): Green Indicator Light Oxygen Percent: 50% and Greater Marked Red 30-Second Alarm Silence: Yellow Indicator Light/Push Button Alarm Code Display (in Flow Window): Digital Display Alarms: Low Pressure: Visual/Continuous Audible High Pressure: Intermittent Audible Apnea: Visual/Continuous Audible Inverse I:E Ratio: Visual Warning Increase Inspiratory Flow: Visual Warning Low Internal Battery: Visual/Continuous Audible Low External Battery: Visual/Continuous Audible Reverse Battery Connection: Continuous Audible Power Failure: Continuous Audible Unit Malfunction: Intermittent Audible Power Source Change: Continuous Audible Oxygen: Continuous Audible Power Sources: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz 12 VDC External Battery 12 VDC Internal Battery