Surgical Operating Light Head

Surgical Operating Light Head

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL200001A009

Categories: Hospital OT & Examination Lights


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Surgical Operating Light Head provides the superior performance and is good for all kinds of surgeries. The compact light head with shadow reduction control makes this light suitable for wide variety of procedures, including the General Surgery, Micro Surgery, E.N.T., OB/GYN, Orthopedic and Cosmetic Surgery. A Shadow less light suitable for all sizes of Operation Theatres as it gives maximum light output with minimum heat dissipation. Lights arms are made of Stainless Steel Fitting. The range of the color temp - 4,200 K �300 as natural color tone. The light equipped with the reserve light source, which is activated in case the main light source brakes down. Sterilizable handle has been provided on the dome for easy movement. Dome Head: 521 mm x 2 Halogen Bulbs: 24V x 150 W x 2 nos Light intensity at 1 mt: 1,00,000 Lux Height Adjustment: 1014 mm Color Temperature: 4200 K Control Unit: Transformer Surgical Operating Light Head, Hospital OT Lights & Lamps Exporters, Hospital OT Lights & Lamps Manufacturers