Ceiling Surgical Operating Light Compact

Ceiling Surgical Operating Light Compact

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL200001A011

Categories: Hospital OT & Examination Lights


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Compact light head with shadow reduction control makes this light suitable for wide variety of procedures including the General Surgery. The light head is equipped with two bulbs (the primary bulb and the back-up bulb). When the primary bulb fails, the back-up bulb lights up automatically to ensure continuous uninterrupted lighting throughout the case. Lights arms are made of Stainless Steel Fitting. During the long time operation, there is no fatigued feeling to the eyes, due to the range of the color temp - 4,200 K as natural color tone. Sterilizable handle has been provided in the middle of the dome in feather touch moment. Digital Control Panel to increase or decrease the intensity of the light. Dome Head: 465 mm Halogen Bulbs: 24V x 150 W x 2 nos. Light intensity at 1 mt: 80,000 Lux Height Adjustment: 1065 mm Dichoric Glass Reflector: 365 mm Color Temperature: 4200 K Control Unit: SMPS Ceiling Surgical Operating Light Compact, Hospital OT Lights & Lamps Exporters, Hospital OT Lights & Lamps Manufacturers