Samcomedical Interlocking Nails

Samcomedical Interlocking Nails

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL2001A001

Categories: Interlocking Nails


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Samcomedical Interlocking Nails
Interlocking nail, Intramedullary nail, Fracture nail: Can be used in 35 different cases of complex fractures. Manufactured using latest technology, these interlocking nail, intramedullary nail, fracture nail combines advantages of standard plates as well as locked internal fixators. These nails enhance fracture fixation in circumstances where fracture configuration of bone quality do not provide sufficient screw purchase to achieve the compressive stress necessary to minimize the gap strain. Available: Interlocking Nails Universal Series Nails, Recon Nails, Intramedullary Supracondylar Nails, Humerus Nails, Tense Nails, Enders Nails Interlocking Nails, Interlocking Nails Exporters, Interlocking Nails Manufacturers

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