Samcomedical Continuous Passive Motion Unit

Samcomedical Continuous Passive Motion Unit

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL210007A010

Categories: Treatment Equipments


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Samcomedical Continuous Passive Motion Unit

Clone of CONTINUOUS PASSIVE MOTION UNIT The CPM is designed for upper extremities (Elbow ), to stimulate the healing of cartilage in addition to the reduction of post operative swelling & pain. The solid state circuitry control panel with highly visual LED digital readouts, allows the Flexing & Extending an Elbow joint through a pre-fixed range of Motion & Time. Wrist rotation and Wrist roll movement can also be achieved. Unit is fitted on mobile Electrical Jack to adjust height according to patient's requirement. The necessary limb supports provide a comfortable surface for prolonged contact. Comes with necessary accessories for Supination & Pronation, Wrist Roll and Elbow passive motions.


Flexion Angles: Adjustable from 0 - 160 degree & displayed by Bargraph. Inching: Flexion or Extension Starting position can be set by switches. Timer: Digitally displayed, 0 - 99 minutes. Height Adjustment: Electrically, by Push button switches. Right or Left arm can be exercised by little adjustments. Safety: Patient hand held safety switch