Research Polarizing Microscope

Research Polarizing Microscope

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Research Polarizing Microscope esearch Polarizing Microscope are principal piece of equipment used by the Geologists to observe the optical properties of minerals. It has indispensable applications for petrography, crystallography, geology, mineralogy, ceramics, toxicology, chemical microscopy or detecting defects in semi-conductors, finding stress points in metals, glass & textiles etc. Stage - Compact Ball bearing Rotating Stage, 140mm dia., graduation with vernier, lock & stage specimen clips. Focusing - Coaxial focusing is provided with coarse tension adjustment ring and graduated slow motion knobs. Adjustable safety lock is attached to prevent the breakage of specimen slides. Illuminator - Koehler's Illuminator with pre-centered 20W Tungsten Halogen source & integral electric transformer with intensity control. Input Voltage 220 or 110V. Intermediate Tube - Built-in focusable Bertrand Lens with center adjustment. Built-in Analyzer removable from optical part. Analyzer can be rotated 90� with vernier reading to 6'. Compensator 1 Lambda, 1/4 Lambda & Quartz Wedge can be inserted in the tube as per requirement. Compensator - Gypsum (1st. order red compensating plate, 560nm). Mica (145nm) & Quartz Wedge (I-IV order). Objectives - Stress less flat achromatic DIN Objectives PF4x/0.10, PF10x/0.25 & PF40x/0.65 SL Eyepieces - HKW10x Paired & WF 10x Cross Polarizer - Fully rotatable Polarizer on a strain free N.A 1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm. Optional Accessories - Detachable Mechanical Stage, Objectives PF20x & PF60X, Micrometer Eyepiece WF10x, Microphotographic Equipment, 30� Inclined Siedentopf Heads. Wooden storing cabinet etc. Research Polarizing Microscope, General Surgery Microscope exporters, General Surgery Microscope manufacturers

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