Optical Lab Instruments

Optical Lab Instruments

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL4004A018

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Optical Lab Instruments When it comes to high quality Optical Lab Instruments, Nessler Exports is counted as one of the trusted sources. We provide Optical Instruments which are of high quality and used in many industries. We provide the best quality, competitive price and timely delivery. These optical instruments are manufactured using top grade raw materials and have been designed and constructed in such a manner that can easily be used and understood by all the students and trainees. Features: Accurately measuring the low-degree lens below +-0.12D Measuring the colored lens with 10% transmittance Displaying the PH value in screen Measuring the progressive lens accurately and quickly Optionally installing PD measuring instrument, UV measuring instrument and thermal printer User friendly interface with easy operation; fast measurement, high accuracy and good repetit Specifications: Sphere Range-19.00+16.75m-1 Step 0.25m-1 3.00m-1 Cylinder Range 0.00-6.00m- 1(Measuring Range With Accessories 0.00-8.00m-1) Step 0.25m-1 Cylinder Axial Range 0 180� Step 5� Cross Cylinder �.25m-1 Rotating Prism Range 0 20 Step 1 Auxiliary Lens �O� Open aperture �R� Retinoscope lens Lens of +1.50m-1 It is suit for the distance of 67 centimeters �RMV� Red Vertical maddox Be used to examine Implicit strabismus �RMH� Red horizontal maddox Be used to examine Implicit strabismus �P� Polaroid it is used for examining the dioptric balance of eyes , Implicit strabismus and stereo vision distance of Optical center (also known as Pupil) Range 50 75mm Step 1mm Sight Switch Ran ge 380mm distance of Optical center is 64mm Front Chin Rest Range 0 16mm Distance (from cornea vertex to the lens surface) 16mm Standard Accessories Lens Two pieces of Auxiliary Cylinder -2.00m-1 and -0.12m-1 respectively Standard Accessories one piece of M2 Hexagon wrench , one piece of a Myopia Standard Card, two piece of Myopia Standard Card , one piece of standard card holder , a dust cover Size 338(L)�99(W)�292(H)mm NW About 5kg Optical Lab Instruments, ENT Equipment exporters, ENT Equipment manufacturers