Justice Auto Lensometer

Justice Auto Lensometer

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL4004A013

Categories: ENT Equipment


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Justice Auto Lensometer The only lensometer equipment at present that can measure accurately the low-degree lens below �0.12 in the country � The lensometer equipment that can measure accurately the colored lens with a degree of transparency of 10% � The lensometer equipment that can accurately and quickly measure the progressive lens. � The only lensometer equipment that can display the pupil diameter � Besides, the equipment can measure the pupil distance, and is equipped with UV meter and built-in thermosensitive printer � It is characterized with fast measuring speed, clear interface, convenient operation, accuracy and good repeatability etc. Specifications: Sphere 0 to �25D(0.01D,0.12D,0.25D steps) Cylinder 0 to �10D(0.01D,0.12D,0.25D steps) Axis 0-180�(1� steps) ADD 0 to 10D (0.01D,0.12D,0.25D steps) Prism 0 to 10(0.01D,0.12, 0.25 steps) Step 0.01D PD 80mm(Optional) Lens Diameter Max.approx.120mm UV Out in UV (Optional) Compensation of Abbe number rang:20 to 60 Measurable >10% and over(20% and over �15D to �25D) Contact lenses 0to �25DBC6.00 to 9.00 Display Full graphic LCD with back light(Black/White)320�240 Printer Built-in thermosensitive printer, paper size 38mm(Optional) Power source 100-120V ~ /200-240V ~ choosing 50 or 60HZ Weight 7Kg Power AC220V/50HZ,AC110V/60Hz ,40W# Justice Auto Lensometer, ENT Equipment exporters, ENT Equipment manufacturers