Luxury Electric Blanket

Luxury Electric Blanket

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL1050001A003

Categories: Heating Pads


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Luxury Electric Blanket The blanket is provided of thermal micro chip cutouts which helps in uniform distribution of heat in whole blanket � In luxury range, the size of single bed is of king size i.e. 36 x 60 inches approx. and double beds is of king size i.e. size is 72 x 60 inches resulting in better coverage of bed � The outer shell material used is of high quality which give cozy feel while you sleep on it Technical Specifications: Features Single bed Double bed King Size (Approx.): 36 x 60 inches. 72 x 60 inches Wattage (Approx.): 80 watts. 150 watts. Voltage: (Operable At Low Voltages Too) 220 - 250 volts (AC) 220 - 250 volts (AC) Frequency: 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz Luxury Electric Blanket, Heating Pads exporters, Heating Pads manufacturers

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