Medical and hospital Laryngoscope

Medical and hospital Laryngoscope

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL4004A007

Categories: ENT Equipment


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Medical Laryngoscope 90� Laryngoscope 0.8mm, 186mm Laryngoscope Ninety Degree is just like Laryngoscope Seventy Degree but the difference is of the angle. This instrument used for viewing the vocal folds and glottis. The light is passed from the Laryngoscope with Ninety Degree. This helps in viewing the vocal cord clearly and to the targeted area with the help of degrees setup. Features optical fiber and cone with direction index, sapphire cover lens, never gets abrasion. The auto clavable Endoscope can also be chosen. Specification :- Medical Laryngoscope Endoscope Material Stainless Steel Glass German Optical Glass Medical Laryngoscope, ENT Equipment exporters, ENT Equipment manufacturers