Hospital Blood Bank Refrigerator

Hospital Blood Bank Refrigerator

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL230001A001

Categories: Blood Bank Equipments


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Hospital Blood Bank Refrigerator - Blood Bank Refrigerator Microprocessor based controlling with temperature reading is inbuilt in blood bank refrigerators. Blood bank refrigerators have PT-100 sensor for accurate temperature sensing. High and low limit alarming in blood bank refrigerators provides bag safety. Chart recorder with rechargeable battery backup in blood bank refrigerators records temperature during power failure also. Options of ink less/ strip chart recorder are available with blood bank refrigerator. Electric supply for blood bank refrigerator is 220V, 1N, 50HZ. Blood bank refrigerator has inbuilt voltage stabilizer. Our blood bank refrigerator are available in different capacities; 50 blood bags,110 blood bags,200 blood bags,250 blood bags,360 blood bags. Hospital Blood Bank Refrigerator, Blood Bank Equipments Exporters, Blood Bank Equipments Manufacturers