Horizontal Cylindrical Sterilizer

Horizontal Cylindrical Sterilizer

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL400001A002

Categories: Medical Sterilizers


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Horizontal Cylindrical Sterilizer Steam Working Pressure 1.26 kgf/cm2 (2.2 kgf/cm2 in case High speed sterilizer Steam Working Temperature 121oC Operating Voltage 240, single phase, AC supply, 50 Hz � Sterilization Period: 45 to 50 minutes � Radiant locking system, cold water drainage system � Steam Exhaust: 5 to 7 provided with timer from 1 to 60 Min with double safety valve, steam releasing valve, pressure gauge for the pressure inside the chamber, and one pressure gauge to show the pressure of outer chamber both the chamber made of stainless steel lid of the unit made of heavy duty gun metal piece for extra safety, gasket, water level indicator to see the water inside, heavy duty power plug with socket provided with the unit, accessories: one spare element, and two gasket , our common size 400x1200 mm Horizontal Cylindrical Sterilizer, Medical Sterilizers Exporters, Medical Sterilizers Manufacturers

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