Ceiling Surgical Operating Light  (Dichoric Glass Reflector)

Ceiling Surgical Operating Light (Dichoric Glass Reflector)

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL200001A007

Categories: Hospital OT & Examination Lights


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Inbuilt is an Imported Dichoric Glass Reflector, which increases the Lux up to 80,000. Lights arms are made of Stainless Steel Fitting. During the long time operation, there is no fatigued feeling to the eyes, due to the range of the color temp - 4200 K �300 as natural color tone. Sterilizable handle has been provided in the middle of the dome for regulating the focus. Light intensity can be adjusted by the Digital Control Panel. Diffuser spreads the light uniformly. It protects the light and gives excellent shadow reduction. It also reduces infrared radiation and enhances the light. Dome Head: 515 mm x 2 Halogen Bulbs: 24V x 70 W x 6 nos. Light intensity at 1 mt: 1,60,000 Lux Height Adjustment: 1014 mm Dichoric Glass Reflector: 200 mm Color Temperature: 4200 Control Unit: SMPS Ceiling Surgical Operating Light (Dichoric Glass Reflector), Hospital OT Lights & Lamps Exporters, Hospital OT Lights & Lamps Manufacturers