12 Channel ECG Machine

12 Channel ECG Machine

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL540001A003

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12 Channel ECG Machine Heart rate � Heart rhythm � For conduction abnormalities � Prior heart attack � Coronary artery disease � Abnormally thickening of heart muscle Feature: � Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, real-time recording and printing of 12-channel ECG waveform � Graphic display of 12-lead ECG waveform � Built-in analysis software of age which assures accurate analysis result � Auto-measurement, auto-interpretation, waveform playback and storage of ECG data � R5232 and USB interface cope with data-share or remote data management requirement � Option wireless function makes more convenient communication with PC � User friendly operation system contributed by built-in HELP function � Literal and graphic operation interface � Powerful filters to minimize interference � Heart rate measurement and pace-maker protection circuit � Multi-printing formats: manual/automatic, standard 12 channel, 3 channel plus 3 rhythm lead, 6 channel, 6 channel plus rhythm lead, 60s analysis of arrhythmia, R-R histogram, trend graph � AC, DC or built-in lithium battery power supply, alarm of battery weak and lead-off � Comfort and durability contributed by silicon gel keypad � Tremendous ECG data can be saved in built-in SD card ECG 330G 12 Channel ECG Machine, ECG Machines exporters, ECG Machines manufacturers

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