Surgical Operating Microscope

Surgical Operating Microscope

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL4004A004

Categories: ENT Equipment


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Surgical Operating Microscope Surgical Operating Microscope is used for surgery, ophthalmic eye surgery, neurosurgery, and nose, ear and throat surgery. It provides excellent work for the surgery with accuracy in working. Specifications Microscope Section Optical Head : Indigenous Eye Inclination : 90� Interpupillary Distance : Adjustable from 54mm to 75mm Working Distance : 200mm (250mm, 300mm, 400mm Optional) Illumination Section Type : Fiber Cable Cold Light Guide Field Of Illumination : 55rmm Stand Section Vertical Movement Of Counter Balance arm : 300mm Fine Focusing : Manual 40mm Movement or Motorized With Foot Pedal Radius Of Rotation Arm : 360� Height : 1550mm Base Size : 570mm - 590mm Weight : 45Kg. Approx Optional Accessories Beam Splitter With CCD Camera Adapter CCD Camera Table Clamp Attachment Applications ABBOMED Operation Microscope is Ideal For Many Applications General, Dermatology Plastic and Neurosurgery E.N.T. , Veterinary etc. Optional accessories are listed as separate items in "Accessories" section under products, there brought separately. Specification:- Surgical Operating Microscope Eye Pieces Wide Field 10x Individually Adjustable Magnification 5x to 25x Variable 1:5 Illumination 15V 150 Watts / 24V 250 Watts Stand Section Floor Stand, Movable with Castor Wheels Field Of VIsion 12mm to 52.5mm Surgical Operating Microscope, ENT Equipment exporters, ENT Equipment manufacturers