Surgical Microscope Cold Light - OPY

Surgical Microscope Cold Light - OPY

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL4004A001

Categories: ENT Equipment


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Surgical Microscope Cold Light - OPY Surgical Microscope Cold Light is commonly used by the ophthalmologist for surgical dealings, this results in very clear cut result of the surgery. Here, the Surgical Microscope Cold Light facilitates ENT checkup and General Surgery with all flexible adjustments. Surgical Microscope :- Microscope Section Binocular Tube: 90o ENT & General Surgery Eyepieces: 12.5x/ 10x/ 16mm Dipptric Adjustment Magnification Changes: Built in Manual 3-Step Changer Total Magnification: 7.5x, 12.5x, 20x 1:3 Field of View: 37.8mm, 23.5mm, 14.5mm Objective Lens: F = 200, 250, 300, 400mm (For General Micro-Surgical Fields) Working Distance: 200mm Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 55mm to 75mm Illumination Section: Type: By Optical Light Guide System Light Source: 15V/150 Watts Halogen Lamp Illumination Control: Continuous Adjustment Field of Illumination: 70mm Filter: Cobalt Blue, Red Free, Heat Absorbing Filter Stand Section: Type: Floor Stand Vertical Range Of Counterbalanced Arm: 400mm General Information: Base Size: 600mm x 550mm Weight: 50 Kg. Height: 1550mm Electrical Power: AC 220V, 240V, 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 220 VA/110V Optional Accessories: Beam Splitter With CCD Camera Attachment CCD Camera Table Clamp Attachment Optional accessories are listed as separate items in "Accessories" section under products, there brought separately. Surgical Microscope Cold Light - OPY, ENT Equipment exporters, ENT Equipment manufacturers