Slit Lamp Z Stepper Magnification

Slit Lamp Z Stepper Magnification

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL4002A003

Categories: Ophthalmic Instruments


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Slit Lamp Z Stepper Magnification Slit Lamp Z Stepper Magnification is consisting of a high intensity light source that can be focused to shine as a slit. It is used in conjunction with a bimicroscope. The lamp facilitates an examination which looks at anterior segment, or frontal structures and posterior segment, of the human eye, which includes the eyelid, sclera, conjunctiva, iris, natural crystalline lens, and cornea. Features Ergonomic Design Enhanced Optical System For Superb Image Quality Feather - Touch XYZ Joystick 3 Step Magnichanger Video Compatibility Specifications Microscope : Galilean Magnification : 3 Step Rotation; 10X, 16X, 25X Eyepiece : Wide Field 12.5X IPD Range : 48.5 - 80mm, Dioptric Adjustment +/-6 Slit Length/Width : 0-14 mm Sllit Apertures : 0.2, 5, 8, 10, 12mm and Wedge Shaped Diaphragm Of Infinitely Variable Slit Lengths Slit Rotation : 0-180� Filters : Red Free, Cobalt Blue, Heat Absorbing Movement Ranges Illumination : 6 V 20 W Halogen Voltage : Universal Ac Input 110V -240V (50/60 HZ), CE Weight : 25 Kg Standard Accessories 15 Eye Pieces Plastic Breath Shield Dust Cover and Fuse Testing Rod Optional Accessories CCD Camera Beam Spliter With CCD Camera Attachment Power Table / Mechanical Table Optional accessories are listed as separate items in "Accessories" section under products, there brought separately. Slit Lamp Z Stepper Magnification, Ophthalmic Equipment, Ophthalmic Equipment manufacturers