Resuscitation Unit

Resuscitation Unit

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL300001A001

Categories: Infant Incubator


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Resuscitation Unit The controller is based on Micro computerized system � Servo and Manual Modes � Self test system provided � Large bright displays are easy to monitor and for viewing from a distance � Double digital display system provided to measure the Infant temperature and to set the required temperature � Feather touch keys provided for easy operation � Bar graph LED system provided to indicate the heater output � Fault indication and alarms for � Baby probe failure � Low temperature � High temperature cut off � Heater failure � Power failure � Baby probe is made of highly sensitive sensor and interchangeable which does not need field calibration, the probe is made up of silicon sheathed cable, which allows easy cleaning � Single element imported CE marked ceramic heater placed in a parabolic reflector � The large baby tray made of stainless steel frame with three side acrylic collapsible walls � IV stand provided � Trendelenburge / fowler system provided � Unit is powder coated � Observation lamp provided � Monitor tray provided Resuscitation Unit, Infant Incubator Exporters, Infant Incubator Manufacturers

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