Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome

Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL280001A011

Categories: Microtome Instrument


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Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome In our large product line we are offering Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome. This equipment works on the basis of ball bearing guides as well as a microprocessor based control system. This machine incorporates fully automatic memorization and recovery. Our customers praise this assortment for dormancy protection, advanced drive system, high volume trash tank, standard specimen clamp, disposable embedding cassette clamp and paraffin clamp and safe alarm system. This machine can be used for semi-thin to thick sectioning of soft as well as hard specimens. Specifications: � Section thickness setting range: 0.5-100 �m � Trimming thickness setting range: 1-600 �m � Setting values: 0.5-2 �m increment step 0.5 �m � 2-10 �m increment step 1 �m � 10-20 �m increment step 2 �m � 20-100 �m increment step 5 �m � Minimum setting value: 0.5�m � Vertical specimen stroke: 60 mm Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome, Microtome Instrument Exporters, Microtome Instrument Manufacturers