Fully Automatic Autoclaves

Fully Automatic Autoclaves

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL5006A041

Categories: Medical Autoclave Sterilizers


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Fully Automatic Autoclaves
Fully Automatic Autoclaves Unique plus points of NML Fully Automatic Autoclave: Pedal Free System: Pedal Free system in vertical autoclave enables you to lift the lid very easily and safely. It also reduces the loading height. This allows the user to lift the lid by only 3 to 4 mm Flexible Load Sensor: Fully Automatic Autoclaves are provided with a very unique Flexible Load Sensor which enables the user to place the load sensor anywhere in chamber. This can be placed in Flask, Petridish, Linen or any load. This enables the user to track that desired temperature is achieved in load or not. Micro Processor Controller: Unique micro processor temperature controller provides facility to programmer the cycles, with a feather touch panel Option of Fast Cooling and Slow Cooling: Our Fully Automated Autoclave provides the user option to select fast cooling or slow cooling depending on the load configuration. Robustly Built Chamber: Our Autoclaves are robustly built with latest welding technique which gives you much higher working pressure and test pressure than any other Autoclave in its category Robustly built chamber is capable of giving you working pressure of 20 PSI and test pressure of 30 PSI Unique pedal free design Lower working height Microprocessor based precise controlling User settable Multi programme cycle Flexible load sensor Data logging of 02 sensors Automatic purging, venting Low water level protection Cooling can be either fast or slow Self - diagnostic errors display IO / OQ / PQ Documentation