Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads

Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL950001A002

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Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads The Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads (with Non-Skid Backing) available with us are used for absorbing, containing and neutralizing formalin spills and waste. These have come forward as a feasible means for Formalin spill containment and disposal. The fluids present within these pads are used for chemically neutralizing and retaining the formaldehyde. The details of the innovative, three layer construction of this product are as follows: � Porous outer fabric allows Formalin spill to pass through to absorbent layer below � Treated soaker fabric absorbs the Formalin and chemically neutralizes the Formaldehyde � Impervious, non-skid backing contains and prevents strike through of fluids to the surface below. It also gives the pad stability and resistance to sliding on surfaces The safety benefits of the Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads offered by us are given below: � Significantly reduces risk of employee exposure to formaldehyde � Formaldehyde is a toxin and a known carcinogen � Minimize contact with spill and vapors which can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation Listed below are the chief applications of this product: � Anywhere leaks or drips may occur � Storage areas � Grossing stations � Transportation tray liners � Bench tops � Under formalin jars � Clean up of small spills The notable features of this product are as follows: � Three layer construction, chemically neutralizes � Absorbs and contains formalin spills and waste within the pad Clients can avail this product from us in the following sizes: � 8� x 10� � 10� x 24 � 16� x 20�. Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads, Consumable Operation Theatre Items exporters, Consumable Operation Theatre Items manufacturers

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