Anaesthesia Apparatus Trolley

Anaesthesia Apparatus Trolley

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL3001A004

Categories: Anaesthesia Equipments


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Anaesthesia Apparatus Trolley
Two gases rota meter oxygen & nitrous oxide. Goldman type halothane vaporizer. Built-in parking space for two of additional vaporizers. (vaporizer optional) Non return cum pressure relief valve. Emergency flush switch at front panel connected to incoming o2 supply (oxygen switch ensures free flow of oxygen at 35-75 ltr at 3.8 bar). Table top made of stainless steel. 2 self sealing quick coupling type gas outlet one Each for o2, n2o at the back side For central pipe line connection. Drip stand locate at above right side of trolley. Provision to fit ventilator. Provision to accommodate two nos.10 ltr. Cylinders at the back side. Fitted with four large diameter gauges two each for o2 & n2o. Two gauge to show pipeline pressure o2 & n2o each. Pin index yokes two for o2 & n2o. Change over system for open & close circuit. Preset regulator for o2 & n2o two each. Four spacious swivel type drawers (writing surface is mounted beneath table top) Bains circuit. Four castor trolley with front two inter lockable. Safety features N2o automatic cutoff in case failure of oxygen supply. Low pressure oxygen audible alarm. Orc (oxygen rato control) oxygen concentration remains above 25% During the process, when oxygen supply pressure is deficient, n2o flow gradually Decreases till cutt-off. Note: Cylinders, circle absorber, anaestheisa ventilator, pulse oximeter and vaporizer optional & other items than the above mentioned specifications are supplied at extra cost. Anaesthesia Apparatus Trolley, Anaesthesia Equipments Exporters, Anaesthesia Equipments Manufacturers