16 Slice CT Scanner

16 Slice CT Scanner

Product Code: SAMCOMEDICAL10274A001

Categories: CT Scanners


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16 Slice CT Scanner
Scan Parameter
Shortest 360 Degree Rotation Time: 0.5s
Allowed rotation times: 0.5s,0.8s5,1.0s,2.0s
Slice Numbers of rotation: 16
Minimum slice thickness of scan    0.625mm
Minimum Slice Thickness of Reconstruction: 0.625mm
Maximum Slice Thickness of Scan    10mm
Nominal Reconstruction Slice Thickness: 0.625mm, 1.25mm, 2.5mm,      5.0mm, 10mm
Speed of Image Reconstruction (512 x 512): 40 frames/s
Scan Fov: 50cm
Image Reconstruction Matrix: 512x512
Image Display Matrix: 512x512
Maximum Continuous Scan Duration: 120s
Maximum Continuous Scan Length: 60cm
Direction of TOPO: Front-Back, Left-Right
Length of TOPO: 160cm
Range of Pitch: 0.5,  0.75,  1.0,  1.5
Scan Mode: Scout Scan
Axial Scan
Helical Scan
Cine Scan

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